Welcome to BLUE SKY! Property Management services for the Ayamonte Area.

Property Management – who needs it?

The services offered by management companies vary widely. Some find you holiday rentals, while others just key hold for your property. At Blue Sky, we offer not only this but also a full after-sales service to your property purchase, assisting you in getting your property up and running after completion and beyond.

Manaña, manaña

One of the obvious benefits of working with a property management company is overcoming the language barrier that can hit when you start trying to arrange for things to be done in Spain. A prime example is organising a tradesman – no mean feat even if you’re bilingual. But also, things tend not to happen overnight in Spain and you can find yourself waiting in for this plumber and that electrician and wasting your valuable holiday time. You’ve worked hard to earn your holiday – why waste it when you’re here?

Cheap Flight – Arrive in the Dark? 

So, you got a bargain on the flights – but you’re arriving at midnight! It seems a great idea until something goes wrong. The water heater has been turned off for weeks, your villa or apartment is freezing cold (or unbearably hot) and no-one has arranged for the air con gas to be replenished. You need new lightbulbs so that you can see what you’re doing and, of course, there’s no milk for your morning coffee! On a more serious note, perhaps there have been unwanted guests in the property – insect or rodent, or even human.

We will thoroughly check your apartment once a week and provide you with a detailed report advising if any work needs to be carried out. Not only will we check that the apartment is and secure, but we will also look for signs of damp, infestation and minor construction problems. If any work is required, we will provide you with quotations and upon your approval, arrange for the work to be carried out under supervision. You will arrive in your perfect property ready to enjoy your holiday.

Making life easier for you

We can organise airport pickups, welcome packs or grocery shopping as well as cleaning, laundry and ironing services. It also takes a lot of the stress away when you invite friends or family to use your property in your absence. Someone is available 24/7 to meet and greet them, make sure they have a key, explain about the local area and customs.

Peace of Mind

So who needs it? Everybody with a property abroad! Blue Sky provides private individuals and company property owners with complete peace of mind while they are not in Spain. Remember, there’s always someone on the end of the phone… just in case.