Property services provided by us include:- 

    * Visiting your property on a weekly basis
    * Secure Keyholding, Including meet and greets (09:00-1900)
    * Making sure the property is always kept clean and tidy
    * Testing of appliances to make sure they are all in working order
    * Gas, electricity, lightbulbs and security systems will be checked
    * Your property will be aired
    * Your plants will be watered
    * Checks for infestations, damp and water leaks
    * All windows and doors will be checked to ensure they are secure
    * Toilets will be flushed and taps run to check water supply and remove debris from tanks
    * Ensuring terraces are kept clean
    * We will make sure that all electrical items are unplugged in case of power surges
    * Post will be collected
    * A spring clean at the beginning at the beginning and end of the rental season
    * Ensuring your tenants (if rented) are taking care of your property
    * A report is sent to you at the end of each check
    * Our contact number will be left in the property for guests in the case of any emergency

There are lots of companies offering property management in Spain, but engaging the services of a professional company will enable you to sit back, relax and have peace of mind in the knowledge that your property is secure, safe and excellently cared for in your absence.

We offer regular visits to empty properties as standard, and will also make emergency checks on in the event of storms or flooding to make sure that all electrics are in working order and that the property has sustained no damage. All our villas and apartments are maintained and cleaned to a high standard and we are able to take care of the finer points of ownership for you.